Why Responsive Design is Important

During the turn of the internet craze, most businesses would just create a website that was easily searchable on a computer. We used the likes of AOL, Netscape, or some other source that would connect to your phone line to bring you into the world-wide web. Today, the internet is easily accessible by anyone who has a mobile phone. For businesses that are dependent on web traffic, responsive design has become increasingly important and standard for any type of website success.

Responsive Design started to become a popular term when the number of mobile users accessing the internet well surpassed the amount of desktop users. This means that companies needed to account for the different types of screen sizes when advertising their website. Responsive web pages adjust to any screen size and reorder the content.

So, why is responsive design important?

1)      Better User Experience

Responsive Design will enhance your user experience. For instance, if a customer were to view your website on their mobile phone and they see a certain feature, only to return on a desktop view to not be able to find that feature. This tarnishes the user experience and risks the customer leaving the website. However, by having a responsive website, screens adjust to the device with all content showing.

2)      Just one website

There are different design techniques that account for different screen-sizes but that requires managing two different websites. Managing multiple websites for a common purpose can be difficult and challenging. However, Responsive Design allows for you to manage just one website to target all different devices and screen-sizes under one website.

3)      Better SEO

Everyone knows that Google is the crème dela crème of search engines. When someone doesn’t know something, “just Google it” is usually the appropriate response from others. Google has added a “Mobile-friendly” label. With this label, it increases your SEO standing and your visibility.

As you can see, Responsive Design is the new kid on the block that is here to stay. It is important for businesses that rely on website traffic to implement this design technique to increase their customer response.

Guest blogger Mary Gualtieri