What’s new in paper?

Let’s take a look at some new papers and trends at Neenah Paper. The company was founded in 1873 and is known to be a world class manufacturer of premium writing, text, cover, specialty and private watermark papers and is sold throughout North America.

Neenah has rolled out and revamped its line of offerings for the first time since they introduced classic columns. There are eight new colors in each line, including cobalt blue, imperial red, military (an olive green) all of which are very vivid. neenah

New textured papers are Classic Techweave and Classic Woodgrain. Classic Techweave is a unique finish that embodies finely woven fabric with a high-tech twist.  Classic Woodgrain captures the aesthetic charm of wood with none of its limitations. Each new line has sixteen colors and is available in text, cover, double thick cover and envelopes.

Neenah has also added six new duplex combinations to bring their total duplex combinations to sixteen across the classic lines. Their new color focus is on gray. They now have 5 gray colors: antique gray, cool gray, cadet gray, pewter and charcoal.

To learn more about Neenah, visit Neenah.com.

Here’s a video link to a behind the scenes look at how Neenah developed their new colors and rebranded their lineup: