User Experience – Why does it matter to an online business?

blogAs websites become more prominent in companies, so does the complexity of them. That is why creating a great user experience is important.

User experience determines how a user feels when they interact with a website. We can think of user experience as the emotion, intuition and connection a user is feeling during their interaction with a website. These feelings are invoked through the look, feel, and function of the website.

So why does user experience matter to business’ that rely on a website? User experience impacts online business productivity, support costs and maintenance costs. For instance, if a user waiting for a website to respond, that is considered lost time and money because of the poor performance. However, when a site connects immediately, a customer is more inclined to continue because the site performance is enhanced, which propels the customer forward to the next step.

Key factors to take into consideration for successful user experience are:
1. Have a specific focus for the user.
2. Target your users. Understand who the users are by creating a user story.
3. Have effective organization of your website that communicates your desires to the user.

Great user experience should effectively communicate the desired feelings behind the purpose of a website. It will create bond with the users through the look, feel, and functions. In the end, a great user experience will greatly impact the business in a positive manner.

Guest blogger Mary Gualtieri