1. Direct Mail Tips: Part 6

    Direct Mail Tips: Part 6

    Ritter’s is happy to introduce our new you tube series: Direct Mail Tips. As direct mailers, we get asked frequently: how can I make my mailer stand out in the clutter of my prospect or client’s mailbox? This series is designed to give you different tips and will show you...

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  2. Card affixing

    Card affixing

    What is card affixing? Ritter’s can attach a business card, plastic card or magnet to a letter, self-mailer or postcard. Otherwise known as tipping or tip on, it’s used most often in the retail or service industries as a leave behind. The goal is for the recipient to save your...

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  3. Ritter’s Direct Mail Piece of the Week:
    National Pool Service

    Ritter’s Direct Mail Piece of the Week:National Pool Service

    Making sure your marketplace is aware of your services is a challenge for many industries. National Pool Service recently mailed a postcard that caught my eye. Let’s break down the mail piece to see what made it so effective. Format This was a 5.25” x 8.5” postcard. Design They used...

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  4. Don’t Forget to Tip!

    Don’t Forget to Tip!

    What is Card Tipping? When you hear your print professional speak about Card Tipping, they’re not talking about a monetary donation given when the service was acceptable or remarkable; they’re talking about Card Affixing. Card Tipping or Card Affixing is a process that utilizes a clear removable glue to affix...

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