1. Target Marketing VS Shotgun Marketing

    Target Marketing VS Shotgun Marketing

    Our blog today is about the differences between Targeted Marketing and Shotgun Marketing. Targeted marketing allows a business to advertise to a specific set of consumers based on any variable such as age, gender, income, etc.  Target marketing creates specialized messages catered to the consumers that are most inclined to buy products or services from your company....

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  2. The Evidence – Direct Mail

    The Evidence – Direct Mail

    Let’s take a look at some numbers before we start with the hard evidence. Direct mail can be eye catching… in fact 79% of consumers spend time reading direct mail and 75% of consumers have made a purchase due to direct mail. Have you ever stopped to consider why direct...

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  3. Don’t Forget to Tip!

    Don’t Forget to Tip!

    What is Card Tipping? When you hear your print professional speak about Card Tipping, they’re not talking about a monetary donation given when the service was acceptable or remarkable; they’re talking about Card Affixing. Card Tipping or Card Affixing is a process that utilizes a clear removable glue to affix...

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  4. Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 3

    Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 3

    Part 3: Strategy Checklist for Direct Mail Campaign Success Ritter’s Communications is happy to see that you have followed the Road to Direct Mail! Have you ever wished for a checklist in order to ensure the success of your direct mail campaign? Well, wish granted! Ritter’s Communications has created a...

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  5. Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 2

    Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 2

    Part 2: Testing and Tracking Direct Mail Campaigns First and foremost, in tracking the results a specific direct mail campaign be sure to offer different ways for your customer to reach or reply to you. By giving customers incentives like bringing in the mail piece, mentioning the promotion or calling...

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  6. Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 1

    Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 1

    Part 1: Four Advantages to Direct Mail Direct Mail is useful to all businesses no matter the size or industry. In fact, 60% of consumers in the U.S. are saying that they love checking the mail because it enforces their emotional connection to a specific company. The top four benefits...

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