Ritter’s Direct Mail Piece of the Week: American Express

Co-op advertising is a great way to tie brands together and introduce new clients to sister brands of companies they already patronize. American Express recently teamed up with a group of three restaurants owned by the same parent company in the Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton area to send out a direct mailer. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: A 5.25” x 7.5” envelope with a 7.5” x 10” folded insert.


Design: The white envelope had a black ink return address and the restaurant logos printed on the back flap in black ink. The insert was full color with photos of the interiors of the three restaurants, their addresses and phone numbers for each. The envelope was plain and one suggestion would be to add teaser copy, perhaps in a different color, saying “Open for special savings at these restaurants”. The insert was colorful and easy to read.


Printing & Paper: There weren’t any special techniques used, the stock was heavy enough and it arrived in good condition.

Presentation: My favorite part was the tipped on savings card. The card had the three restaurants logos, addresses and phone numbers. The end user was supposed to take the card and use it when they frequent the restaurants to get their $20 off.


Offer and Call-to-Action: The offer was for $20 off our qualifying dinner bill when we ate at these three restaurants now thru November 30, 2014 and used our American Express card. The card could be used multiple times. The offer was on the front of the insert and was also mentioned in three locations on the inside. It was easy to read and understand. The “fine print” was listed in a smaller font on the back side of the fold over card. The expiration date was also very clear and was printed in several spots, including on the tipped-on card.

Digital technology integration: Just a mention of the restaurant group’s website. One idea would be include QR codes that take the end user to a menu for each restaurant. Many people like to read over a menu before going to a new restaurant.

Personalization: None. Not really needed though.

Overall, a nice direct mailer that offered a valuable coupon to award winning restaurants.