Ritter’s Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Capital One

Having a visually interesting direct mail piece can go a long way towards getting the recipient to open or read it. We recently received a piece from Capital One that checked off the “interesting” box. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: This direct mail campaign included an oversized 6” x11” outer envelope along with a brochure and two loose sheets of paper. The brochure had an overall size of 10” x 11” and was folded and stitched in half to 5.5” x 10”. The first loose sheet was 8.25” x 10.5” and was folded in half. The last slip of paper was 5.5” x 10”.Capital One Letter

Design: Full color throughout, professional in appearance with just the right amount of text to photos and images. The brochure captured my attention with large, full color photos and its unusual size.Capital 1 Booklet-1

Printing and paper: Here is where Capital One excelled. The outer envelope was a dark blue linen cardstock with silver foil. The silver foil contrasted nicely with the dark blue paper. Capital One also went above and beyond a normal envelope stock in that they used a cardstock instead of a text weight paper. The brochure was also impressive: Capital One used a soft touch coating on the outside of the brochure, which was actually printed in 5 colors (4 color process plus silver ink).New envelope

Presentation: The envelope color and silver foil, coupled with the large size, made it stand out in the mailbox. Oversized direct mail does result in higher response rates, as does direct mail in unique envelopes.

Purpose: Capital One is trying to gain users for its business credit card.

Offer and Call to Action: If the business signs up for the Capital One Spark business credit card, the company will get unlimited 1.5% cash back and a one-time $500 bonus. The call to action was to apply by calling an 800 phone number or by going online to sign up. There was a clear indication that this was a special offer that had an expiration date.Capital One halfpage-1

Digital technology integration: None. It was not really needed. However, to make the application process quicker, Capital One could have included a QR code that would take the recipient directly to the application.

Personalization: The folded letter was personalized in several places including the name, a unique reservation number and an access code.

Overall, this direct mailer had some really great qualities that made it very effective. It was able to grab and keep my attention with very little effort on my part.