Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 3

Part 3: Strategy Checklist for Direct Mail Campaign Success

Ritter’s Communications is happy to see that you have followed the Road to Direct Mail!

Have you ever wished for a checklist in order to ensure the success of your direct mail campaign? Well, wish granted! Ritter’s Communications has created a Strategy Checklist for Direct Mail Campaign Success.

First thing first, begin at the end!
Don’t confuse Direct Mail with general advertising, these two may look similar but are far from that. What is your Direct Mail campaign for? How will you measure success? Asking these questions will help you figure out exactly what it is you Direct Mail Campaign is trying to accomplish.

Have you considered the costs of your endeavor? It is important to determine your budget but remember mailing lists, production costs and mailing/postage costs will also have to be considered. You should have an idea as to what your offer is and who you are targeting but how will you go about tracking the results of a campaign?  All Direct Mail pieces should be equipped with a call to action, response mechanisms and tracking mechanisms. It is up to you if A-B testing will be implemented however some sort of tracking is necessary for success.

The format of your mail can greatly affect your response rates, you have to decide if a postcard, letter, flat, or dimensional mail is right for your specific project.  Don’t forget: Follow through. Is there special timing for the delivery of your direct mail or do you need to develop a contact of follow-up plan? It may sound like a lot to think about, but our Infographic checklist can be your guide.

There are however certain creative principals that must be recognized.

  1. Copy trumps art
  2. Use a conversational tone, “me-to-you,”
  3. Keep it simple, 4. Be credible and make your offer believable, and finally
  4. STRESS benefits vs features.

And whatever you do don’t forget the three critical elements of direct mail.

Keep in mind, there are several different uses for Direct Mail.

  • Lead Generation,
  • Product or services launch,
  • Special promotions,
  • Event invite,
  • Registration or follow up,
  • Generate website traffic,
  • Generate in-store traffic,
  • Generate online orders,
  • Grand opening,
  • Loyalty programs,
  • Awareness campaigns,
  • Membership recruitment,
  • and Membership retention

Don’t forget the USPS is offering a 2% discount on postage to companies who include two-dimensional barcodes or QR codes (that can be read by mobile devices) on their Standard Mail and First-Class Mail letters, flats and cards for the months of July and August. Call Ritter’s Communications for more information (954)771-7204.

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