Road Map to Direct Mail – Part 1

Part 1: Four Advantages to Direct Mail

Direct Mail is useful to all businesses no matter the size or industry. In fact, 60% of consumers in the U.S. are saying that they love checking the mail because it enforces their emotional connection to a specific company. The top four benefits of Direct Mail advertising are visibility, flexibility, measurability and the ability to personalize. Direct Mail can be targeted, eye-catching, interactive and allows you to connect with your client. Whether your Direct Mail campaign is for lead generation, promoting an event, direct sales, or branding, Ritter’s can help.

The USPS is offering a 2% discount on postage to companies who include two-dimensional barcodes or QR codes (that can be read by mobile devices) on their Standard Mail and First-Class Mail letters, flats and cards for the months of July and August.