Web-to-Print & Online Ordering

Marketing Portals. Customizable storefronts give you an intuitive and comprehensive e-commerce experience from quote to order fulfillment. The system automates, simplifies and streamlines everything from order submission to job output.

For fast and efficient access to your company’s marketing materials, Ritter’s provides all-inclusive online ordering solutions through your company’s own custom portal. A portal is a unique, secure website that allows your company to share, view and order electronic, printed and promotional materials. The customized online portal will allow you to save both time and money by ordering pre-approved marketing materials and run reports in real-time at your convenience. You’ll achieve consistency in marketing materials, which means complete brand control, inventory control and management of multiple locations right from your desktop.

Included in the many benefits of an online ordering and inventory system, organizations can have complete control over corporate brand management; multiple locations or remote sales teams will have 24/7/365 secure access; and management will have a true accountability for use and effectiveness of products.

What can Marketing Portals do for you?

  • Brand control: Manage your branding (marketing collateral, direct mail, fulfillment, electronic downloadable products) in one location.
  • Budget control – expenses by division, department or user
  • Manage inventory
  • Ease of ordering/convenience – users can order 24/7 from any location worldwide
  • Customized items
  • Easy online proofing and approval

Features of Marketing Portals

  • Administrative control over users/access
  • Secure login
  • Track expenses by department, cost center or purchase order
  • Shipping & payment processing – shipping to multiple locations
  • Online tracking

Accessibility, security, and ease… at your fingertips!