Magnet Mailers

Magnet mailers are a great leave behind or a long-term reminder to your customer or prospect. They offer continuous branding so even if your prospect does not need your services today they can put your magnet on their refrigerator and call when they need you.

Magnets come in many different shapes so you can really stand out in the mail.

Magnet mailers can be a postcard with a magnet attached or a letter with the magnet affixed and then inserted into an envelope.

Why are they so effective?

-The DMA found that a postcard with a magnet attached is read at least 51.9% more often than a regular postcard.
-A study by Georgia Southern University found magnet mailers are 56.5% more effective than a regular postcard.
-A magnet is a leave behind that people post on their refrigerator where it can be seen every day. The magnet may contain a company’s contact information so when the need is real they will contact the company.

Who can use them?
Almost anyone can find an application for using them. Here are a few industries:
-Service companies such as Plumbers, Electricians and A/C
-Real Estate
-Political campaigns
-Travel Agents

Magnet mailers come in a variety of sizes including:
-2” x 3.5” (same size as a business card)
-3.5” x 4”
-3.5” x 6”
Plus they are available in many shapes and custom sizes.

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