Intelligent Mail Barcodes

What do they mean for your next direct mail campaign?

Intelligent Mail® Barcodes (IMb), also known as the One Code Solution and the 4-State Customer Barcode, is a 65-bar code use by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for domestic mail delivery. The barcode is designed to offer greater information and functionality than its predecessors POSTNET and PLANET by incorporating the routing ZIP code and tracking information into a single barcode.

So how can the barcode benefit marketers?

One of the greatest benefits Intelligent Mail Barcodes provides to marketers is the tracking insight it brings to direct mail campaigns. Using this specially designed barcode, marketers will be able to understand where their direct mail pieces are in the mail stream so that they can provide accurate in-home timing updates to internal and executive teams. By providing these updates, marketers will be able to more accurately gauge response times and prepare call centers and inbound sales staff in advance.

Another benefit is the ability to enable trigger-based marketing as part of your response campaigns. Through the IMb scan, marketers will be able to determine when their direct mail piece is in-home, allowing them to integrate a trigger-based marketing program that accurately deploy a second direct mail piece or follow-up email coinciding or following the arrival of the first touch point. Prior to the Intelligent Mail Barcode, marketers depended on methodology and guesswork to determine when their first touch point would arrive in-home and would then send their second touch point hoping that it arrived to the recipient as was intended. With the Intelligent Mail Barcode, that guesswork is removed and now your campaigns will deploy with more accuracy.

The Intelligent Mail Barcode is an inexpensive and effective way for organizations of all sizes to increase the performance of their direct mail marketing efforts.