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Upcoming Changes to Direct Mail

The post office has updated requirements to direct mail letter qualifications.

One of the changes involves a “barcode clear zone” at the bottom right of each mail piece.  The execution of this regulation has been irregular, but regardless of the varying implementation, it will be mandatory soon.

What does this mean to you?

In order to meet the requirements, the mail piece must contain a blank white rectangular box that is .625” tall X 4.75” wide and starts from the lower right corner. This enables the post office to spray barcodes when necessary, allowing for faster processing and delivery of the mail.

 What if you do not have a barcode clear zone?

Pieces that contain a delivery point barcode (verified postal address) will not incur any penalties. However, a non-barcoded or non-verified address that does not have the requisite space will change to a “non-machinable” mail classification. This can result in a significant postage increase, as well as delays in delivery.