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Twenty Five years

Twenty five years seems like a long time and yet when I reflect on my time at Ritter’s it seems like yesterday I was fresh out of college and eager to embark on a career. I remember all the excitement the Ritter family had at starting a new business and other days we felt overwhelmed that we would never learn all we needed to know. Thanks to all of you who helped us grow over the years whether you were a client, vendor or mentor.

We laugh now as we reminisce about how we did business “back then” versus now. Who can forget the hot waxer and all the exacto knives we used to use to “cut and paste”. Or, how about that great invention the fax machine with its rolled up paper that used to fade. When prospecting for clients we used to just hop in the car and head for the biggest office building we could find. The cell phone and eventually the internet and email certainly aided in the ease of doing business.

As I reflect on the differences, I also see similarities…most importantly, our clients. We still value a relationship with them. That relationship may now be over the phone or via email rather than meeting in person but it is still strong and we are grateful for the many friendships that have developed over the years.

What was life really like back in 1988? Let’s take a look at what life was like in

1 gallon of gas=$0.91

Movie ticket: $3.50

U.S. postage stamp: $0.24

John Knoll’s introduces Photoshop (Adobe bought the rights and the rest is history!)

Sonic the Hedgehog takes gaming by storm when SEGA launched its innovative gaming system the SEGA Genesis

Roald Dahl publishes Matilda

The KOOSH Ball (you know you had one of these rubber filament toys!) was pickedup by Hasbro in just in time to top Christmas lists

Southwest Airlines and Sea World San Antonio team up to paint a Boeing 737 Classic to look like Shamu, Sea World’s main attraction!

The Hubble Space Telescope is put into operation

Movies we watched: Rain Man, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Big, Twins, Die Hard, A Fish Called Wanda, Dangerous Liasons


So, thank you for the memories… let’s create some new ones!