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Ritter’s Communications’ Direct Marketing Playbook

Ritter’s Communications’ Direct Marketing Playbook is an interactive template to guide you through the process of creating your next direct mail campaign. Designed as an over-sized printed pad of template sheets providing your marketing team with the structure to organize your campaign elements including messaging, offers, call-to-actions and goals. Using an established checklist of key elements, you will be able to build and execute your direct mail marketing campaign with ease. The template also includes areas for you to sketch out your campaign and map the campaign process, helping you develop the strategy from start to finish.

Campaign Plan

Using the checklist, identify the key elements of your campaign that you will utilize. Moving across the playbook to the right, fill in the columns with detailed notes that support each key element. Here’s where you can refine your ideas and add details to help build out the structure of each element.

Visualize Your Campaign

Use the Visualize Your Campaign area to make preliminary notes about your direct mail campaign. Sketch out your design ideas, create a Mind Map, identify your marketing components, or use the area to draft your creative brief. It’s a free-form area designed to help you get the creative juices flowing.

Map the Campaign Process

Now that you’ve identified and developed your key elements, use this designated area on the back to map your campaign process. Include a process flow chart to display how your campaign will be executed.

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