Marketing Career Search

At Ritter’s Communications, we know the stress that can come with searching for a new job so we’ve tried to make it a little easier for you.

First, we’ve found over time that simply relying on the major job websites like Monster and Indeed are only scratching the surface of the available jobs on the internet. One of the most powerful unused tools in your job search (you may be surprised to find) is Google itself. Learning a couple of simple tricks can help turn Google into an ordinary search engine to a job finding wizard.

Search operators are the secret to maximizing the value of Google, changing how the search engine works by adding them to your search. Here are a few that will assist you in your job search.

  1. intitle:keyword – when you use intitle: in a Google search it will limit the results to pages that have the directly trailing keyword in the title. So, as you might guess, many websites have jobs listed on pages with “jobs” and “careers” in the title. If you’re looking for a job as a brand manager, try a search like this – intitle:careers brand manager
  2. apostrophes ” ” – when you use apostrophes, you force Google to only return results with whatever word or phrase you have listed between the apostrophes. So, building on our previous search, if you want to stop Google from listing pages that don’t include the exact phrase brand manager, you could do this search – intitle:careers “brand manager”
  3. inurl:keyword – this search operator works the same as intitle: operator, but it focuses on the actual webpage address. If you want to limit searches to URLs like you could do a search of – inurl:jobs “brand manager” and it would only return web addresses containing the word jobs and pages that have the exact phrase “brand manager”
  4. negative keywords – if you simply add the minus sign (-) before a phrase you can tell google to not return results from certain sites or with certain keywords. So, for example, if your searches above continue to return results from sites you’ve seen like, simply add or -careerbuilder to your search and watch those results disappear

For more information on using advanced operators in Google, try this link:

Our Job Search Tool

We wanted to cut out the tedious work of searching for open marketing positions for hours on end, on a hundred different sites in a hundred different tabs. Below is our custom search that was built with you in mind, it crawls only marketing related websites to find the job postings your looking for. Whether you are a student, or seasoned professional in the world of marketing, the search will deliver the exact results you are looking for. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, give it a try!

Learn from the Best

Getting into the marketing industry is more than what you learned in school, its staying up to date on the latest trends, practices and innovations in the marketing world. To help with this, we’ve listed some top marketers in the business today to follow on twitter and learn from the best.

SEO Expert: Rand Fishkin @randfish

Co-founder of Moz, Rand and his staff are some of the most well trained in the wild west of Search Engine Optimization, expect daily tweets on the latest practices, tips and tricks of SEO.

Social Media Master: Amy Porterfield @AmyPorterfield

Well versed in turning social media into another channel for businesses to connect with customers, Amy is one of the go-to Social Media Experts for anyone looking at a career in the field.

Alternative Marketing: Scott Stratten @UnMarketing

Author of “UnMarketing”, Scott provides his insights into the world of marketing in an engaging, entertaining way a great person to follow for those wanting to think outside the box!

Other influential marketers to follow:

Mari Smith – @MariSmith – Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencer

Brian Condenanza- @brianCondenanza -Founder/CEO of Silurgy

Sean Gardner –@2morrowknight – Forbes #1 Social Media Influener

David D Griffith – @DDGriffith – Covering all aspects of online marketing

Chris Brogan – @Chrisbrogan – Insightful business advisor and strategist