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Every Door Direct Mail – We Can Do It Here!

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a new simplified mailing process being offered from USPS with a discounted postage rate of as little as 14.5 cents per piece. EDDM helps companies blanket complete zip codes and/or carrier routes by streamlining the process and lowering the postage costs. This eliminates the need for mailing lists and lowers your mail processing fees. EDDM is not meant to replace targeted direct mail but rather supplement it since this is a saturation tool and not a precision targeted campaign. In some cases you can spend more to saturate an area than to target specific prospects. Ritter’s can help you determine the best program to fit your budget and produce the best ROI.

Requirements for Mailing Service Providers:

• All Flat Mailing Requirements

¤ Standard Mail® flats

¤ Must be at least .007” thick

¤ Per piece weight of 3.3 ounces or less

• For the best rate and service your mail must be drop shipped to the Destination Delivery Unit (DDU)

Uses for Every Door Direct Mail

• Mail without purchasing a mailing list

• Mail larger size “Flat” mail for lower cost equivalent to letter sized mail

• Find new customers

• Brand recognition

• Saturate entire neighborhoods or larger areas for a lower cost than any previous postage rate


Who can benefit from EDDM?

• Restaurants     • Retail stores     • Doctors/Health Clinics/Hospitals

• Attorneys and Tax Preparation Specialists     • Service Organizations     • Dry Cleaners

• Churches      • Gyms/Fitness Centers     • Moving/Storage Companies

• Salons and Spas     • Insurance Agents     • Auto Repair and Maintenance

•PestControl     • Landscaping     • Heating & AC     • Electricians


Since January 2012, existing customers can gain access to Every Door Direct Mail Online Tool using their Business Customer Gateway account. To use the EDDM tool without logging into the Business Customer Gateway go to and try out the USPS Every Door Direct Mail Demo.

To find out more about Every Door Direct mail visit