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Congratulations to Tom Labadia, Finalist in our Direct+ Design Cover Contest!

Tom is a riddle, wrtom-labadiaapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, surrounded by several large flat screen monitors, an oversized sketchbook and a never-ending supply of sharpened pencils. On one hand, he is an amazingly creative graphic designer generating one compelling design after another. Yet on the other hand, he’s a mind-numbingly tech-savvy web developer.


Hands down, it’s a winning combination for the clients at Electrum Branding, a boutique branding agency based in Fort Lauderdale. As the agency’s art director, Tom leverages his talents to create captivating graphics and cutting-edge websites that help Electrum Branding’s clients find, get and keep customers.


In addition to being the art director at Electrum, he is also co-founder of the online art community Elusive Muse; a popular website that features interviews with well-known and emerging artists, resources for artists looking to grow their skills, a variety of opportunities for artists to collaborate, and a huge library with more than 30,000 public domain reference images for people to use in their creative projects.


Tom has been a graphic designer for more than 15 years, a digital artist for eight years and a mixed media visual artist for the last three years. His work was featured in the 2016 book release “Making Art from Maps: Inspiration, Techniques and an International Gallery of Artists” by Jill K. Berry and in the 2015 book release “Art Journal Kickstarter: Pages and Prompts to Energize Your Art Journals” by Kristy Conlin.


When he’s not designing for Electrum’s clients or managing the Elusive Muse website and online community, he is most likely drawing or painting.  He relishes learning and experimenting with new artistic media and techniques.  Tom lives in Oakland Park Florida with his partner of 11 years Tim and their two dogs, Sophi and Baxter.



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