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6 Reasons Why E-Commerce Works

E-Commerce is a trend that has really taken off since the early 2000’s. Let’s face it – we all love going on You are in the convenience of your home, you have no distractions, and you can order your product at any time of the day. E-Commerce is becoming more of necessity, as it was a luxury many years ago. So why does e-commerce work?


  1. Convenience

People’s lives can be hectic and we have all had those instances where we are short on time. I know I’ve wished for a few more hours in a day to be able to pick up a few items at the store but have always cut it close or waited till the next day because of store closing hours.

An e-commerce website eliminates that pain point in your life. You can shop for items at any point in your day and do it all from the comfort of your home.


  1. Personalized Experience

Everyone loves being catered to in some manner. E-commerce stores can add that personal connection you may desire when at a busy store. For example, based off of a customer’s order history, you can create personalized recommendations the customer may want to buy.


  1. Expands your geographical reachblog2


E-commerce allows you to expand your demographic from your own backyard to across the world. Also, in the World Wide Web, you can optimize your search engine standings with the development of more pages and more keywords. This, in turn, increases your Internet presence and expands your audience.


  1. Cost Effective

Running an ecommerce store cuts cost and has a low overhead cost. By having a web-based system, inventory tracking is automated and decreases the cost associated with inventory. Furthermore, the initial set up cost of an e-Commerce store is substantially lower than a physical store.


  1. Better Analytics

Unlike a regular physical store, you can gather actual data that allows you to get to know your customer base. You are able to track the behaviors of your customer and utilize this information to make your online store a real success.


  1. Higher Conversion and Sales

With business’ that have a physical location, they are constrained to geography or time constraints. However, when your business has an e-commerce presence, those constraints are loosened. You will see your sales numbers and return customers increase.


E-Commerce is becoming more of a standard for business’ to succeed today.  With the added convenience factor, personalized experience and expanded geographical reach, a business could succeed substantially.

Guest blogger Mary Gualtieri